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The EU, the Scottish referendum and the EU referendum

A speech I gave yesterday, 15 October 2014, to Forum 2000 in Horsforth, West Yorkshire Introduction In January last year, the Prime Minister announced there would be an in/out referendum in 2017 after a renegotiation of the terms of the … Continue reading

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PM missing the point

A generous 7½ out of 10 for the Prime Minister, when he could so easily have got 10. Lord Justice has not proposed removing press freedom by legislation. He is not pointing the way across a Rubicon or advocation a … Continue reading

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Is it not a delicious irony that it is a Conservative home secretary on whose watch immigration checks were scaled back apparently without ministerial sanction so that she does not now know how many people were let in improperly? We … Continue reading

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Efficiency and reform

The creation of the Efficiency and Reform group in HM Treasury harks back to the old Efficiency and Effectiveness Group in the Cabinet Office, which included the formerly free-standing Prime Minister’s Efficiency Unit. Jointly chaired by the Chief Secretary to … Continue reading

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