The anti-EU mob’s sovereignty argument is an illusion.

The UK is as sovereign a nation as we’ve ever been. The UK and its constituent parts have always succeeded when pooling sovereignty and working with others. Alone, Britain lost half the American colonies. In coalition, we defeated Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler. Britain never had a free hand in running the empire. It always had to work with Canada, Australia, NZ, India et al – look at the Statute of Westminster and the 1948 nationality legislation. Recently the line of succession to the throne could only be changed by all the Commonwealth realms acting together and even the smallest – Antigua and Barbuda – had a veto. The UK pools its sovereignty in other ways in NATO, the UN, WTO, ICC, et al, some of which like NATO involve more pooling than the EU. None of that pooling will change by Brexit, except that the UK will be damaged and weaker for having alienated 27 allies and possibly the free trade partners in deals painstakingly put in place by the UK and its 27 EU partners. For what? To satisfy the outers’ saloon bar unpatriotic fantasies? Let them fantasise without destroying this country.

Instead we should celebrate the EU and the courage of those who laid its foundations just a few short years after the Second World War, the most devastating war in history.  Then and for a couple of decades later reaching out to former enemies was a brave thing to do and you risked being shunned by friends and family.

Thanks to the EU and the other institutions created after the war, my generation has been spared wars like those my parents and grandparents went through and because of their sacrifices I have lived my life in peace and freedom.  That’s what I want for my children and grandchildren and succeeding generations.

Therefore, as a Commonwealth-supporting proud patriot of this sovereign United Kingdom, I shall vote and campaign for others to vote to remain in the European Union on 23 June.

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