You have the privilege of voting in the referendum to decide the future of both Scotland and the United Kingdom.

I, as a proud Scot, a proud Welshman and a proud Briton do not have this privilege. Like millions of Scots and millions of Britons outside Scotland, I am denied the vote by the SNP’s machinations because of where I live, yet we shall all be affected by the result of the referendum.

Therefore, please vote on our behalf and vote No.

Voting No is a once in several lifetimes opportunity to renew and rededicate our Union.

Voting No shows belief in Scotland’s future, not the reckless gamble urged by the sharp speculators of the SNP and its fellow travellers, with their worthless claims, promises and policies. None of them can be guaranteed because no one, certainly not the SNP and the Yes campaign can say what circumstances would face an independence government, or what finances it would have. But, if Yes, wins, there would be no lever to hold the SNP to account for its reckless promises.

Voting No shows solidarity with all the people of the United Kingdom. The interests of poor people in Scotland are the same as poor people in Swansea, Newham, Leeds and Belfast. The needs of struggling families, the hopes of young people, the aspirations of business people, the needs of pensioners and all others in Scotland are the same as those of people in Wales, England and Northern Ireland. We need maximum devolution in all parts of the United Kingdom and solidarity to conquer poverty, support aspiration, let business flourish and create jobs, support families, ensure security and dignity for older people and others needing care.

Voting No is liberal, internationalist, outward-looking, optimistic, confident and positive. Voting Yes is nationalist and not liberal, inward looking, fearful, anxious and negative.

Voting No asserts free speech and says there is no place in Scotland or the United Kingdom for the attacks on free speech by the SNP and the Yes campaign in its denigration of critics, denunciation of opposing views, attempts to censor the BBC and a named journalist, disruption of meetings, Jim Sillars’s threat of a day of reckoning and so on.

Voting No reasserts all our rights and freedoms, hard won over the centuries. Voting No renews our rights to live and work and do the best for ourselves and our families and our communities anywhere in our United Kingdom, from the far north of Shetland to the far south west of the Scilly Isles.

Voting No will renew and recommit our democratic Union to solidarity, freedom and unity.

I love Scotland and I love the United Kingdom. That is why, however you have been thinking of voting, I ask you to be positive by voting No.

Vote No.

Yours in solidarity,

Ian MacFadyen

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