Does the Yes Campaign in the Scottish referendum even like Scotland and the Scots?

I have long had my doubts, but after Scottish Government Finance Secretary John Swinney’s confirmation that an independent Scotland would default on debt and First Minister Alex Salmond’s browbeating performance at the referendum debate on Monday, I am becoming convinced they do not.

Defaulting on debt if the rest of the UK will not give in to the SNP’s demands of a currency union, will make Scotland like Argentina. It will most likely prevent an independent Scotland joining the EU, the Organisational for Economic Co-operation and Development and the other international organisations that Scotland is already a member of as part of the UK.

Scotland would be isolated because the SNP stamped its foot when it couldn’t get its way.

For a currency union you need people to be in union with. But, the Yes Campaign is saying it doesn’t want to be in union with the rest of the UK. So, why should the rest of the UK want to be in a currency union with the people who had just broken the political and currency union that has served us all well for over 300 years?

As my teenage daughter, said: the Yes Campaign can’t pick and choose.

The First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, has said he is opposed to a currency union, because it would be bad for Wales and bad for the UK.

If you respect the people who disagree with you, if you respect the people whose support you need, you make an effort to understand and win them over by persuasion.

If you don’t respect them, you browbeat, denounce, and threaten, which is what the Yes Campaign, led by Alex Salmond, is doing to anyone who questions or disagrees, in Scotland, in the rest of the UK and beyond these islands.

That’s why I am becoming convinced that Alex Salmond and the Yes Campaign don’t much like the Scots.

Better Together does. Voting No to independence is a positive vote of confidence in the Scottish people, as Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willie Rennie said in the Scottish Parliament.

It’s a vote of confidence in all the people of these united islands and in all we have achieved and all we will achieve together.

It’s a vote of confidence by people who respect and like each other.

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