I’m a proud Scot and a proud Briton.

Like many – perhaps most – Scots I am denied the vote in the referendum because of the naked fiddling of the franchise by the First Minister to stack the odds in his favour.

The question for me is not whether Scotland could be a success as a separate nation. I’m sure it could. Scots have made a success of the United Kingdom.

What success as a separate nation would be like is another question.

No one outside the First Minister’s inner circle can believe his fantasy visions of a utopian Scotland trouble-free in a daily more troubled world.

The question is whether it is a good idea to destroy a political union created by Scots that has brought peace, freedom and prosperity to the nations of Great Britain. In an increasingly interdependent world would it be wise or foolish to dissolve such a longstanding political and economic union. Who would benefit? Only the enemies of Scots and Britons.

On 18 September I hope Scots will vote resoundingly for unity, peace, freedom and prosperity throughout these islands and say no thanks to the “Yes” to chaos campaign.

We are Better Together.

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