The United Kingdom and the Eurozone crisis

Why is the UK taking no part in solving the Eurozone crisis? Why was the UK prime minister not at the summit in Paris yesterday, when President Sarkozy of France and Chancellor Merkel of Germany met?

The financial crisis affects us all and if the problem is not solved in the Eurozone the UK will be damaged. There will be more cuts, more job losses and lower living standards. It will take us longer than ever to get out of the crisis and if we do recover in my lifetime (I hope I’ve got a good way to go yet!) we will be changed utterly in character, just as we were with the crisiof the 190s, 80s and early 90s.

David Cameron, George Osborne and William Hague stand aside, saying it is the Eurozone’s problem. When they do turn up they are detached. Just look at their body language in the photographs in the press. They sell the UK short.

The financial crisis started in the US, but no one – least of all David Cameron, George Osborne and William Hague – said “This is an American problem. Let them sort themselves out,” because what started there was dragging the UK and the rest of Europe down.

Instead the dullard three are in thrall to the Eurosceptics and talk about holding the rest of the EU to ransom to repatriate unspecified powers from Brussels. Brussels, it should be remembered is ultimately the Council of Ministers, so the Eurosceptics are too foolish to see that they are really complaining about their own ministers’ performance in the Council. A hint of the target was given in the Autumn Statement when the Chancellor said TUPE would be reviewed. TUPE enacts EU law giving protection to employees in outsourcing government work and other circumstances. So it is the rights and protections of ordinary people, as ever, that the Conservatives want to remove from EU protection so that they can press home their attack on ordinary hard working families.

With the decision at the Paris summit yesterday of a new treaty to strengthen the Eurozone, the implied threat is that the UK’s prime minister will hold it up to get his way, no matter what the damage to the Eurozone and the UK.

How different from the predecessor he idolises. Lady Thatcher, for all her Euroscepticism and other faults, would have forced a solution on the EU and resolved the crisis. She would have been in Paris yesterday. She would never have been detached like David Cameron, George Osborne and William Hague. Strangely, she would have kept the Eurosceptics in check.

Yet, if David Cameron will not ensure the UK’s best interest in the EU, why is the deputy prime minister not doing it? What a tragedy it would be if the first government containing Liberals since the war was the one that did the greatest damage to Britain in Europe!

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