Cat and dog

I should blog more. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say. I have lots, but writing it down causes more reflection than in normal conversation and then the time is gone. We endure a regime of instant comment. Public policy is rubbished before or as soon as it is uttered. Governments and opposition speak before they think and understand. Sometimes that’s unavoidable. Most of the time it is not. It is worrying that people seem not to realise they are doing it, still less understand the significance of what they are saying. Look at how the Home Secretary clings to her absurb statement to the Conservative Party conference about a judge granting an immigrant leave to stay because he had a cat. To make her point she quotes the judge and does not realise that in the quote the judge did not say what she claims he said. 

I miss our dog. She died a few years ago and it hasn’t been convenient to get another. She provided my thinking time and we would return from our late night walks with ideas well-considered and me ready to write. The dog wasn’t keen on writing – more of a running around and playing with the foxes kind of canine.

Dog to walk or not, I’ll blog some more, so long as the cat doesn’t, as she is wont, lie across the keyboard.

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