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Fair Votes referendum

Have just Attended Nick Clegg’s excellent speech in Leeds city centre in support of a yes vote in the Fair Votes referendum in May on changing the voting system to the Alternative Vote: He was speaking following the passage … Continue reading

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Farewell to a PFI

Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust has ended a PFI early by buying West Park Hospital in Darlington from the private that built it and leased it to the Trust. (See: There would have been detailed and … Continue reading

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Sensible public debate needed, not misrepresentation

I worry about the state of public debate in this country. We have serious issues, some of which go back to the last government, some to the one before it, some even further and some have arisen under this government. … Continue reading

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I gave a speech on “Coalition Government” to a 100-strong audience at the Forum 2000 meeting in Horsforth in West Yorkshire on Wednesday, the 9th. The audience were interested and engaged. I gave a positive view of the UK coalition, … Continue reading

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