Coaching: Getting back on track

Suddenly each day a peron who was relocating, changing career and launching a new business all at once became consumed by debilitiating guilt for neglecting the children in all this. So, the relocation, career and busines was drifting. In fact, the children were not being neglected and compared with many children of busy parents were lucky indeed.

Then there was another, well-regarded for work quality, management and leadership but who could not tolerate fools and was coming to see more and more colleagues and contacts as fools. So this person’s career was crumbling.

I coached both. Each talked. I listened. I questioned, probed and challenged. Using neuro-linguistic prongramming we identified trigger points for the feelings each had.  Each devised a strategy for avoid their triggers. More than that, each identified ways to use these triggers to help get business done.

It did not take long. The one relocated, started the new career and successfully launched the business. The other restored lost respect and resumed their upward career.

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