European Union

Sometimes, I wonder if the Eurosceptics are right. Not for long, mind, it’s just that being a liberal (with both a small and a capital “L”), I can’t help trying to see their side of the argument. There is much about Britain’s membership of the Europe Union I disagree with, but it’s mostly the way that the UK handles itself in Europe. Britain shouldn’t dump the Commonwealth because we’re in Europe – imagine France dumping its equivalent! And, our governments shouldn’t threatened Gibraltar’s future by sucking up to Spain – imagine Spain being so cavalier with Ceuta and Melila!

The European Union and Britain’s membership of it is a good thing (if only we could get the things I’ve mentioned right).

I wish, though, I could express the arguments as well as Eddie Izzard.

In today’s Guardian (,,1799858,00.html), he writes:

Quote :

…I love the fact that after years of fighting each other in Europe, now we just argue in conference rooms. But politics is boring. And Europe is complicated and boring…..

The way to make politics less boring is to have wars, but we’ve done that before and everybody dies – so that’s not good. Instead, we have the European Union, where everybody talks and talks and argues and cajoles and persuades and shouts – but nobody dies – so that is good…..
It’s a bit crazy but I think it works. Basically, the European council [of national ministers] is in charge, the European commission makes it happen and the European Parliament checks it all out.”


There’s more on his podcast on Europe at

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