Looking for contracts

Another week of frustration in looking for contracts I can apply for, let alone win!

For example: I read on the Department of Health’s web site about the fitness for purpose programme for primary care trusts (PCTs) and it said that a register of coaches was being compiled for use by PCT chief executives and chairs. So I wrote to the official whose name was on the document – the “Programme Director” – and asked for information on how to be registered. I explained I was a qualified coach, that I’d logged my interest with the Department last year and I enclosed an article I’d had published.

Shove off was his reply – “The process of registering coaches is handled by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. They have their own website with contact details.” But, he didn’t give the web site address of this new-ish quango.

Google helped me find the site, but I searched in vain for coaching registration.

Resisting all temption to point out how unhelpful he was, I wrote back: “Thank you for your reply. Would you suggest, please, who I should contact at the NHS Institute, particularly in relation to PCT development, as I cannot find a reference to this or to coaching (except in relation to [an equal opportunities] programme).”

He replied, “I sugest you try [XXXXX] or [YYYYY]”, but didn’t provide their e-mail addresses.

The Contact Us section of the Institute’s web site was unhelpful, so I guessed their e-mail addresses. So far, there are no bounce-backs.

It’s hard to know what’s the more frustrating: not getting anywhere or the unhelpfulness of the “Programme Director”. I’m sure we weren’t so unhelpful when I was there. Have standards really fallen?

Whatever. It’s not getting anywhere that’s so frustrating!

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