Bit of a chew

Yesterday and this morning were a bit of a chew.

I let the car run of petrol. After coffee with my friend, the retired clinical psychologist, I tried to start the car only to discover the petrol was gone. I knew it needed filling, but thought I could do it later. My chum straightaway offered to drive me to the garage, but my car was parked across his drive. I’ll push, he said. So, there was I trying to steer while he, in his mid 80s, was pushing.

It should have worked. My car only had to go about 3 metres down hill, but it has an automatic handbrake, which only releases itself when the car moves off under its own power. A quick check in the handbook directed me to the release mechanism – in the boot, under the floor, behind the spare wheel, covered by a red, er, cover was a yellow handle to be pulled until it clicked. I put the car in gear. Then I found the yellow lever and pulled. And pulled. Then it clicked and wheezed.

The car was wedged against the curb, but we got it moving. The lad from the local roofing company working opposite wouldn’t come to help. Guess who I won’t be calling next time I need a roofer.

My pal drove me to the garage. I got petrol and got moving. The handbrake re-engaged, but the book said I had to take it to the gargage to reset the yellow handle and the red cover. I was there at 8.30 this morning and the job was done in no time.

But, the manufacturer had issued a recall notice and the garge needed the car for a day. So, it’s going back on Thursday.

As I said, it’s been a bit of a chew. And the car needs petrol again.

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